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Anisa Scott Wiki – Anisa Scott Biography

Anisa Scott is An 11-year-old girl who was once featured in a video praying for an end to gun violence has died after being shot in Madison, Wisconsin.

An 11-year-old girl, shown in a video praying for an end to gun violence, died after being shot in Madison, Wisconsin.

Anisa Scott shot dead incident detail

Anisa Scott was getting into a car in which a gunman shot the car and hit her in the head on Tuesday morning. The police believe that the driver of the car with Anisa inside was the intended target.
On Thursday, her family removed her from life support at 11:11 am to indicate the date and age of the attack.
Following her death, over 30,000 views of the anti-gun violence video she posted consecutively in 2016.
“I just want to go out and play, as a 7 year old should. I don’t want to die, ”Anisa said in the video. “They won’t stop killing. They won’t stop. God, can you make it better?”

Anisa Scott Father and video maker

Rafael Ragland, a local filmmaker and father of Anisa’s 5-year-old half-sister Anija Ragland, said she shot the video with 7-year-old Anisa after having just returned and heard from a trip to Chicago with her mother. about all the violence out there.
“Honestly, I was so confused because what he was praying was praying that it wouldn’t happen to him, then he comes back and happens to him,” Ragland said. It just ruins me.

Anisa Scott suspect killer was arrested by Madison Police

Madison police said Friday that two male suspects, one 16 and the other 19, were arrested in Anisa’s death.
Perion Carreon, 19, was arrested on Wednesday, while Andre Brown, 16, was arrested on Friday. Both were arrested from Madison and on suspicion of first-degree deliberate murder, and both attempted a first-degree deliberate murder by being involved in a crime.

If Brown is charged with intentional first-degree murder, he will be charged in adult court, even though he is only 16 years old. State laws require that anyone aged 10 or older be charged as an adult accused of first-degree intentional murder.

Why Deputy Chief of Police Victor Wahl refused

Deputy Chief of Police Victor Wahl refused to go into detail on how the arrests were handled, saying the investigation was ongoing.

“In such a situation, there is evidence, guides, a lot of moving parts that go into doing the case that is still active, there are things to do,” Wahl said. Therefore, I won’t go into too much detail at this point on what ties us to these two. ”

He said the case is a priority for the department’s inspectors.
Police spokesperson Joel DeSpain said that when Carreon was arrested on Wednesday, he drove a stolen car and had a gun in his waist. DeSpain and Wahl refused to tell if the gun was related to Anisa’s shooting.

DeSpain also said that the surveillance video “plays a key role in getting us to where we are” as well as community collaboration.

“I want to express my condolences to Anisa’s family and the entire Madison Police Department, who has suffered an unimaginable loss,” Wahl said. “I hope the community continues to support them and the arrests today help the recovery process in a small way.”

He also thanked community leaders for talking about armed violence this week, saying there should be a unified message.

Carreon faces provisional charges in several other cases, in addition to Tuesday’s shooting. His arrest on Wednesday was related to charges of first-degree reckless endangerment for another shooting that took place in July. He was also allegedly involved in the gunfight on Jackson Street on Madison’s East Coast on July 5, and the robbery of a 51-year-old woman on June 11 at the 200 block of North Thompson Drive on Madison’s Far East Side.


Tribute to Anisa Scott

Dozens of friends, family members and supporters mourned the death of Anisa and left balloons over Brittingham Park on Thursday as soon as she was removed from life support.

Hundreds of people gathered for a candlelit vigil to celebrate Anisa’s life at Cannery Square in downtown Sun Prairie on Friday evening.

Members of Anisa’s family called out to the crowd to thank the community that supported them. Anisa’s classmates and friends shared stories and memories of her younger sisters being comforted by their fathers crying.

Anisa Scott Mother

Anisa’s mother Ashley called out to the crowd and thanked them for their support and love.
“I can only be strong because of you. I love him so much,” he said.

Participants left strength notes and messages of encouragement in a box to share with the family while dozens of paper lanterns were lit and dropped into the night sky.

Anisa’s family asked the Dane County Boys and Girls Club to help organize a funeral for the 11-year-old.
On Friday, Amy Arenz, CEO of Madison-based human resources consulting firm Concero, reached out to Dane County’s Boys & Girls Club to donate $ 10,000 to cover the funeral expenses to give Anisa the “homecoming celebration she deserves.”

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