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Andrew Sharpe was surfing about 10.45 am at Kelp Beds near Esperance when he was bitten and dragged below the surface.

A desperate search for a Western Australian surfer who was kidnapped by a shark on Friday has resumed.
Andrew Sharpe was surfing at Kelp Beds near Esperance at 10.45 am when he was bitten and dragged below the surface. Later, a surfboard with bite marks came ashore, but the father of the two children has not yet been found.

The fifth incident in just seven years in the region, with a young girl killed in the same place three years ago.

Andrew Sharpe Esperance

Locals said the waters infested with sharks were “very dangerous” for surfers.
“Sharks have been roaming these waters in Esperance for years and decades. “We don’t swim in those waters that are far from shallow waters,” Denise Colbung said.

Wayne Brennand said the Kelp Beds should be “permanently closed for surfing”.
“Frankly, how many more people have to suffer?” said.

Andrew Sharpe Esperance search

The search involving jet skis and boats was canceled due to lack of daylight on Friday evening, but resumed on Saturday morning.

Vessels from Voluntary Marine Salvage, Transport Department, Esperance Port Authority and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) are clearing waters in the Kelp Beds area.
State Emergency Service volunteers searching on land.

Drones watch the area from above, and police divers are also involved in the intense effort.
Esperance Senior Sergeant Justin Tarasinski said eight surfers were in the water at the time of the attack.
“The surfboard was washed close to where the attack occurred and with obvious signs of shark attack,” he told reporters on Friday.

“The chances of survival are pretty low given some of the accounts available to us.”
The search, involving jet skis and boats, was canceled on Friday evening due to lack of daylight, but will continue on Saturday morning as police divers expected.

Prime Minister Mark Mcgowan about the tragic situation of Andrew Sharpe Esperance

Prime Minister Mark McGowan called this a “very sad and potentially tragic” situation.
Ian Mickel, head of the Shire of Esperance, said the community was upset by the tragedy.

“It’s very sad to hear that there is a shark attack again,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of attacks in the last seven years. This is really, really disappointing.”
Esperance Ocean Safety and Support committee member David Swan told NCA NewsWire that everyone was miserable.

“Our thoughts are with family and close friends,” he said.
“Everyone is a little shocked and very upset.”
Kelp Beds are about 15 km east of Esperance along Wylie Bay.