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Brian Kolfage, Stephen Bannon and two others reportedly poured hundreds of thousands of dollars from the organization into Kolfage; Four defendants allegedly benefiting from their roles in the plan

Audrey Strauss, Counsel for the New York Southern District of the United States and Philip R. Bartlett, Inspector of the United States Postal Inspection Service New York Field Office (“USPIS”), BRIAN KOLFAGE, STEPHEN BANNON,

ANDREW BADOLATO and TIMOTHY SHEA ‘ He announced the opening of an official indictment accusing hundreds of thousands of donors for their role in defrauding in connection with an online crowdfunding campaign known as “We Build the Wall”. He raised more than $ 25 million. The defendants were arrested this morning. KOLFAGE will appear before Federal Judge Hope T.

Cannon in the Northern Territory of Florida today. BANNON will perform today in New York’s Southern District. BADOLATO will appear before Federal Judge Thomas Wilson in Central Florida today. SHEA will appear today before United States Magistrate Kristen L. Mix in Colorado Territory. The case was assigned to US District Judge Analisa Torres in the Southern District of New York.

Acting US Attorney General Audrey Strauss said: “The defendants defrauded hundreds of thousands of donors and leveraging their interest in financing a border wall to raise millions of dollars, claiming all that money will be spent. the under construction. While he repeatedly assured donors that Brian Kolfage, the founder and public face of We Build the Wall, would not take a penny, the defendants were secretly planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on Kolfage, which financed his generous style. life. We thank USPIS for their partnership in investigating this case, and we are committed to eliminating and prosecuting fraud wherever we find it. ”

Authorized Inspector Philip R. Bartlett said: “When the defendants misrepresented the real use of donated funds, they were allegedly fraudulent. They allegedly planned not only to lie to donors, but to conceal their embezzlement by creating fake bills and accounts to launder donations and cover their crimes, without respecting the law or truth. This case should serve as a warning to other scammers that no one, even a disabled war veteran or a millionaire political strategist, is above the law. ”

According to the indictment announced today in the federal court in Manhattan :

Starting around December 2018, BRIAN KOLFAGE, STEPHEN BANNON, ANDREW BADOLATO, and TIMOTHY SHEA, among others, organized a program to defraud hundreds of thousands of donors, including donors from the Southern District of New York. online crowdfunding.

It is known as “We Build a Wall” who raised more than $ 25 million to build a wall along the southern border of the United States. In particular, to persuade donors to donate to the campaign, KOLFAGE has repeatedly and erroneously assured the public that they “will not receive a penny as salary or compensation” and that “100% of the funds will be collected.. Will be used in the fulfillment of our mission and purpose” because BANNON’s As he publicly explained, “We are a voluntary organization.”

These representations were wrong. In reality, KOLFAGE, BANNON, BADOLATO, and SHEA received hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding from We Build the Wall donors, each used in ways inconsistent with the organization’s public performances. Specifically, KOLFAGE secretly receives more than $ 350,000 of donors ‘funds given to We Build the Wall for personal use, while BANNON is through a nonprofit organization under its control (“Non-Profit -1”), We Build the Wall’ from BANNON, at least some of which covered hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses from BANNON. To hide payments to KOLFAGE from We Build the Wall, KOLFAGE, BANNON, BADOLATO and SHEA devised a plan to indirectly route payments from We Build the Wall to KOLFAGE through Non-Profit-1 and a shell company under its control. .

SHEA, as well as other streets. They did this by using fake invoices and fake “seller” agreements to ensure, among other ways, that payment agreements remain “confidential” and on a “need-to-know” basis, as KOLFAGE stated in a text message to BADOLATO. .
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KOLFAGE 38 from Miramar Beach, Florida, BANNON 66 from Washington DC, BADOLATO 56 from Sarasota, Florida, and SHEA, 49 from Castle Rock, Colorado are charged with a conspiracy. One conspiracy to commit cable fraud and money laundering

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