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Amid Daniel Prude

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Daniel Prude, a Black man who died in police custody while suffering a mental health crisis, days after video footage was released showing officers putting a hood on him and pinning him to the ground.

La’Ron Singletary Retirement after Daniel Prude

Rochester, New York, Police Chief LaRon Singletary submitted papers days later to retire after Daniel Prude’s death La’Ron Singletary said he had no intention of resigning amid protests over his death in police custody.

What Mayor Lovely Warren  Said about the retirement

Mayor Lovely Warren said his chief and commanders had handed over their retirement papers.
“As an honest man, I am not going to sit idly by outside beings trying to destroy my character,” the chief said in a statement. “The events of the past week are an attempt to destroy my character and integrity.”

Singletary said he resigned after serving the ministry and the community for 20 years “with honor, pride and highest integrity”. The mayor said Singletary would remain in office until the end of the month.

The retirement news came on the same day that Prude’s sister filed a lawsuit against Singletary, 13 other officers and the city of Rochester in federal court, claiming that the death was partially covered up.
The long-delayed statement of the murder of a black man by the police sparked protests and accusations that local leaders hid the murder from the public.

When Amid Daniel Prude died?

Although Prude died in March, his family’s lawyers posted a police body camera video showing officers covering his head with a “saliva socks” and holding him down in a prone position before he stopped breathing. Prude stopped breathing and was declared brain dead in a hospital where he died on March 30.

Case: Prude ‘did not pose a threat to the safety of officers or anyone else’

In an 82-page federal lawsuit filed by Tameshay Prude in the West District of New York, he claimed that he had been covered up by the police department and the city, and that the officers who arrested Prude had acted against their training.

There was no immediate reaction to the case from the police chief or city officials.

Warren said he believed the investigation would show that the city was doing everything in accordance with the law.
According to the case, Prude was experiencing an “acute manic, psychotic episode” at the time of his arrest.
“As the camera footage attached to the officers’ body shows,” “When they used force against Mr. Prude, he was handcuffed, naked, and sitting on the ground with a” spit stocking “over his head – he clearly did not pose a threat to the safety of the officers or anyone else.”

Prude’s encounter with the police was captured on officers’ body mounted cameras, and Tameshay Prude alleges the video footage was illegally hidden from the family for months. The case alleges a cover-up, stating that Singletary told Warren that Prude was “using a drug overdose”.

As the property manager, Prude claims unspecified and punitive damages.

The case describes numerous allegations by Rochester police of improper use of force over the past decade, and accuses the city and its department of fostering a police culture where officers are not disciplined.

The retirement of police chief came after protest nights

On Sunday, Warren and Singletary formed a united front and reiterated their intention to help reform and reform the city.

The chief’s departure came after protests over the death of 41-year-old naked Prude, who was in a mental health emergency on March 23.

Labor Day weekend saw protests across the country as summer draws to a close
“The members of the Rochester Police Department and the Greater Rochester Community know my reputation and know what I stand for,” Singletary said in his statement. “The wrong characterization and politicization of my actions after I became aware of Mr. Prude’s death is not factual and not what I am defending.”
According to the police department, Deputy Chief Joseph Morabito and Commander Fabian Rivera are also retiring.
The other two commanders – Deputy Chief Mark Simmons and Commander Henry Favor – are returning to their former lieutenant ranks. Simmons and Favor are returning to their previous positions of their own free will, according to Justin Roj, spokesman for the city of Rochester.

The Monroe County medical inspector ordered a murder, citing Prude’s death as complications of asphyxia in a physically restrained environment. The report also cites excited delirium and acute PCP intoxication as causes of death.

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced on Saturday that he had formed a grand jury to investigate his death.

Seven officers suspended with pay

Warren said that after seeing body camera footage on August 4, he sent the president a wish list of what he should know in future cases.

Singletary said he was aware of the use of force in the case, but did not go into further detail as to when he knew which aspects of the case.

The mayor discussed the chief’s intention to retire at an online meeting to discuss the protests by the police and the City Council. Apparently the chief did not call the meeting.

The mayor, meanwhile, said he didn’t know who would serve as chief.

Warren was suspended Thursday with seven officers involved in Prude’s arrest. He said he was no longer worried about interfering with the New York attorney general’s investigation and took action to suspend them.
Polo Sandoval and Mirna Alsharif of CNN contributed to this report.

On Thursday, Warren said he was initially misled by Singletary, causing the man to believe he died in police custody from an overdose.

But on Sunday, Warren said he had given the information he knew when it came to the police chief.

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