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Amani Kildea

Amani Kildea Wiki – Amani Kildea Biography

Amani Kildea is a man from Long Valley,His dead body was seen hanging in park His death had been ruled a suicide.Ongoing Investigation of the Death of Amani Kildea
Morris County Prosecutor Fredric M. Knapp and Deputy Chief of Morris Provincial Prosecutor’s Office Christoph Kimker made an up-to-date statement about a body discovery at Lewis Morris Park in Morristown on Sunday (June 28th).
The deceased was identified as 20-year-old Amani Kildea from Washington Township. Amani was found an hour away from where he lived.

Amani Kildea Age

Amani Kildea was 20o-Years-Old

Amani Kildea Investigation

The Morris Provincial Prosecutor’s Office continued to investigate Mr. Kildea’s tragic death, as he was first reported to the post on 28 June.

“Contrary to statements made on social media and elsewhere, the investigation is open and not concluded,” Prosecutor Knapp said. Our first statement made by this office was to inform us in advance and promptly that we are working with many other law enforcement agencies, including the Morris County Park Police, the Morris County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Investigation Unit and the Morris County Medical Examination Office. Morris County Procuratorate Major Crimes Unit to investigate the conditions of Mr Kildea’s death. ”

Amani Kildea case evidences

“During this time, no evidence of criminal proceedings has been found yet, but our efforts to determine what happened are very active. We have followed and continue to follow all investigation tips and we will go where the evidence takes us. ”
“The publication of the Morris County Medical Inspector’s commitment to Mr. Kildea’s death has been disclosed to the public to provide as much transparency as possible in this investigation. However, we cannot disclose any investigation steps we take or follow to avoid compromising our research. Morris County Medical Auditor is a medical doctor who does not work at the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. Instead, the Medical Examination Department is under the Morris County Legal and Public Safety Division, which is completely independent of the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. However, the findings of the Medical Examiner guide us, which does not mean our investigation has been concluded. ”
“Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to a comprehensive, appropriate, professional and prompt investigation of suspect and / or unnatural deaths. No further comments on this investigation will be made to respect Mr. Kildea’s family. ”
If he wishes to provide any information on this issue, please call the Morris District Prosecutor’s Office of the Big Crimes on (973) 285-6200.
When our research is concluded, an official statement will be made.

Amani Kildea Family

It was reported that Amani Kildea’s family accepted Ethiopia Addis Ababa in 2005. She has lived in Washington County from the age of five. Amani graduated from Army Reserve Basic Training in February 2020 and would become a Military Police. In the fall of 2020, he planned to advance his education at James Madison University. Amani will be remembered as a “beautiful young man” with a sensitive spirit, a charming sense of humor and a bold and bold character.

Amani Kildea Education

Amani planned to finish his education and work in special operations for the FBI or CIA. Although she was only 20 years old, she did not wait to pursue her dream of serving the community and started sting operations in New Jersey, similar to the “Catching Operations” show with her friends to find and uncover pedophiles. With this study, they revealed at least 30 pedophilia in Morris County and other surrounding areas. This work led to more than one arrest.

Morris County officials View Point about Amani Kildea?

Morris County officials said on Friday that they found no evidence that 20-year-old Amani Kildea in Long Valley was committing a crime at this point in the hanging park. His death was suicide.
But a Change.org petition “Justice for Amani Kildea” launched by Taylor Packwood collected more than 31,000 signatures on Friday afternoon.
“He committed suicide from the investigation,” says the petition.
“Amani was found an hour away from where he lived. His death is not logical at all and I want you to sign this petition to shed light on the racial injustices that black men face every day.”
Born in Ethiopia, Kildea was accepted by the priest and his wife of the Savior Lutheran Church in Roxbury.
According to the petition, Kildea was active in delivering juveniles to justice in their community. Graduated from West Morris Central High School, he dreamed of being at the FBI or CIA.

Amani Kildea Start of Career

Kildea recently completed his training as a Military Police in Army Reserves and was established in autumn to attend James Madison University.
Morris County Prosecutor Fredric Knapp said he wanted to eliminate social media gossip about the hanging death of the man. Last Sunday, Lewis Morris Park’s death was committed by a boss with his body found.
The petition said, “You cannot physically hang yourself in a tree.” “There are no stairs, nothing. Let’s open this case again and get more answers. Her life matters.”
Knapp enabled Kildea’s death to be released to ensure transparency in the investigation.
“Since this time, no evidence of a criminal act has been found yet,” Knapp said.
“We followed and continue to follow all the investigation tips and we will go where the evidence takes us.”
“Morris County Prosecution is committed to a comprehensive, appropriate, professional and prompt investigation of suspicious and / or unnatural deaths,” he said.
“However, the findings of the Medical Examiner guide us, which does not mean our investigation has been concluded.”
Kildea was remembered as a beautiful young man and activist.
Rev. “Everyone who met him, who knew him, young and old, admired him and loved him,” said Tom Kildea.
“He was suspicious, but we knew it was real.”

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