Who is Aliah Ramnarayan? Survalent sales representative calls for ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Survalent Inside Sales Representative Aliah Ramnarayan caused a sensation when he supported the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.
The statement, which disapproved of a ceasefire and showed insensitivity toward Palestinian youngsters,
Ramnarayan’s professional experience generating concerns over the relationship between private views and representation by professionals
Aliah Ramnarayan, an Inside Sales Representative at Survalent in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, caused controversy recently when he expressed support for the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the midst of continuing attacks in Gaza via Instagram.
The statement made by Ramnarayan was, “No to a ceasefire.” Palestine is deserving of its circumstances. “Those children have no future on Israel’s promised land” has garnered criticism for endorsing a divisive position about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Who is Aliah Ramnarayan?

Since June 2023, Aliah Ramnarayan, a resident of Brampton, Ontario, has worked for Survalent as an inside sales representative. She worked at FRESHCO, LTD. as a cashier supervisor and in marketing cooperative before to this employment. Ramnarayan has also had positions as a Sales Associate at Urban Planet Fashion and a Social Media Marketing Intern at GAOTek Inc. Her career path encompasses a wide variety of experiences in sales and marketing positions.
Ramnarayan is now an undergraduate student at the University of Guelph-Humber, where she is majoring in marketing. Her professional experience is quite different from the contentious opinions she has shared on social media. The possible effects of workers’ online activity on the reputation of the organizations they work for have been brought to light, drawing attention to the convergence of personal ideas and professional representation.
As tensions in the Israel-Palestine issue continue to increase, debate surrounds it. Ramnarayan’s remarks are consistent with the larger discussions and statements supporting or denouncing the different factions engaged in the dispute.
Events such as this highlight the need for people to think about the possible consequences of their words, particularly when they are connected to their professional identity, as social media is still a major influence in public conversation.