Who is Alexander Feaster (Shot & Killed a woman, Incident Detail) Wiki, Bio, Age, & More Facts

Alexander Feaster Wiki – Biography

Alexander Feaster is a man who shot a US woman while she was trying to remove a Nazi flag from someone’s front yard in the state of Oklahoma.

How Alexander Feaster shot and killed a woman Incident Detail

A US woman was shot while trying to raise the Nazi flag from someone’s front yard in the state of Oklahoma.

The Garfield County Sheriff’s office said the woman was at a nearby party when she received one of the two flags flying outside of Alexander Feaster’s house.

Mr. Feaster, 44, was later reported to shoot him in the back with a semi-automatic rifle while on the run.

The 26-year-old woman is expected to recover from her injuries, and Mr. Feaster is detained.

Sherriff Jody Helm said the woman was found lying in a pit with four bullet wounds after lawmakers responded to an early Sunday morning call.

Sherriff Helm initially suggested that the woman was trying to steal the flag embellished with a swastika for courage, but in an interview with NBC News she said there was “conflicting information” about her motive.

A statement was seen by NBC about Alexander Feaster

A statement seen by NBC News says there were “several” cameras in the home show where Mr Feaster fired “without warning” at the woman. A neighbor then moved a red van near the house to act as a barricade, and a witness trained a rifle on the property as a precaution while waiting for the deputies to arrive.

Mr. Feaster was then taken into custody. He is accused of assault and assault with a deadly weapon and shooting to kill and will appear on trial on 9 July.

A neighboring local radio told KFOR that he had been flying flags for about a year and he had been abducted from his home several times in the past. They added that he occasionally wore black uniforms with a red swastika armband, an outfit reminiscent of Nazi SS uniforms. But mostly he was said to keep it to himself.