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Alex Zielinski alerted Antifa militants to Andy Ngo’s whereabouts during rioting in Portland where Ngo was reporting undercover

Alex Zielinski warned Antifa militants to Andy Ngo’s whereabouts during the uprising in Portland, where he reported Nifa was hidden. Zielinski’s announcement of Ngo’s location endangered both Ngo and the people around him. Soon after, Ngo was attacked by lasers to blind him.

Ngo, editor-in-chief of The Post Millennial, has been reporting on the Portland riots that have lasted for two months.

“Everything’s fine, Andy Ngo appears here, walking around with @KOINNews journalists. I don’t think they’re aware of it,” Zielinski tweeted the revolt on June 20th. Undoubtedly, he knew that Antifa ruthlessly attacked Ngo last year and left him with brain hemorrhage.

Zielinski also knows that Antifa’s Ngo’s face is horrified by Ngo’s family’s home, wearing output masks.

Still, Zielinski pointed a digital finger to where Ngo was located. Antifa immediately tried to blind her with pocket lasers, injured her eyes and injured them with light sensitivity. Then they faced him.
Earlier this month, federal agents were blinded by these lasers and could never save their eyes.
Scientific American reported that green light indicators are not produced according to federal regulations, are improperly imported into the USA, and have exceeded safety limits.

However, Ngo had to plead with the local news team to break up with them at the scene or to face another violent assault that could lead to physical violence against him.

“Although Zielinski & I do not participate in politics, I never try to harm him. Now I publish it because the public should be aware of how local journalists work hand in hand with Antifa.”

Last year, Zielinski interviewed a fake Antifa reporter who made a sensational claim that Ngo secretly collaborated with the right-wing group Patriot Dua. Ngo denies the allegations. Zielinski’s comment was never contacted. The reason stated that Portland Mercury’s video evidence does not support explosive charges.

I have never been reached for comment & I have never had an opportunity to respond to the liar accusing.

Antifa activist, a member of the Patriotic Prayer prayer, told Zielinski in Portland Mercury that “Patriotic Prayer is protecting and protecting [Ngo]”.

Ngo was claimed to have been tagged with Patriot Prayer to draw violent confusion with Antifa at Cider Riot, a patriotic restaurant, and the cameras returned to Antifa only when it came on stage.

“Right-wing author Andy Ngo is constantly working with the PP group when planning his attacks,” said Zielinksi on Twitter. “He smiles more than just joking. There is no way the group knows he plans to incite violence against people in Cider Riot.”

The lie later spread everywhere, and the President commonly referred to as the leftist propaganda in The Daily Dot and The Inquisitr and claimed that Ngo was a conspirator with the right-wing group. Ngo argues that it is not so.
Ngo has acknowledged that the comment has never been reached and there is no opportunity to respond to the false criminal.

“It looks like Alex Zielinski is trying to kill me because he couldn’t stop reporting,” Ngo tweeted.
Post Millennial reached Zielinski for comment but did not receive feedback during the broadcast.