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People were boarded on a crashed plane on Friday morning near Box Elder Peak in the American Fork Canyon.
Utah County Search and Rescue, Salt Lake City, Alex Blackhurst Ruegner 35-year-old Riverton pilot Tyson Colby Brummett 35 years old; Elaine W. Blackhurst, Alexton’s aunt and uncle, Riverton and her 62-year-old husband, Douglas Robinson Blackhurst, were on the plane when she fell. There was no survivor.
Their flights came from South Valley Regional Airport in Western Jordan.
Just before 8 am, 911 officers received a call from Gregg Rawlings, who witnessed the accident while walking along the Dry Creek Trailhead with their son. After about an hour of walking, they were resting close to a summit when they saw the distant plan. Rawlings says the plane is lowering and cannot clear the mountain. As we get closer, Rawlings says the pilot made a hard right turn, and then the corkscrew started to get out of control.

“We lost the visual on the plane because it fell below the tree line from where we were, but only a few seconds later we heard the effect at the bottom of the canyon. At this point, we can say that this is not a good thing. ”
They immediately tried to call 911, but Rawlings and their son had to walk for a while to get a cell phone signal. He told dispatchers that they had told him where the plane had fallen, but after that they returned to the crash site to see if someone had survived.
She said, “I just returned to my kids and I said, ailesi Someone’s family there. We need to see what happens. We have to check. ”
Unfortunately, it was obvious that no one could survive when they turned into debris. Shortly thereafter, the search teams detected the burden of the accident area.
While trying to get on the plane, Rawlings said they hit several campers and none heard of the accident. Utah County Sheriff’s Sergeant Spencer Cannon says that if Rawlings and his sons weren’t there to witness this, investigators say they wouldn’t know where the plane was lost for a few hours and they wouldn’t know where to look.
“In this case, we’re lucky to have people who see [accident] there, so we got a notification as soon as possible,” Cannon says.
When the search teams arrived on the plane, they confirmed that all four people inside died. Cannon says the accident happened in such a remote area, that the only sensible way for researchers to get there was by helicopter.
“It’s a very difficult place to reach, so we contacted the Utah Public Security Department and they came with their helicopters,” he says.
NTSB will determine what caused the crash.