The oldest woman: Alelia Murphy Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Birthday, Twitter & More Facts

Alelia Murphy Wiki

Alelia Murphy was an American super century who was the oldest known living person in the United States at the time of his death. His age was confirmed by the Gerontology Research Group.

  • At 114, Alelia Murphy, from Harlem, was the fifth oldest person in the world 
  • Mrs Murphy has been a widow since her husband Furd died in 1953
  • She was born a month after Albert Einstein proposed his Theory of Relativity

Sad News

The oldest person in the US, who was born when Theodore Roosevelt was president, has died aged 114. Alelia Murphy, from Harlem, credited her many years to her faith and abstaining from alcohol. News of her passing comes just a day after the death was announced of the oldest man in the US, 112-year-old CP Crawford from Chicago.

Alelia Murphy Age

Alelia Murphy 114 years old woman (Date of birth, July 6, 1905 – November 23, 2019)

Alelia Murphy Wiki Biography

Alelia Murphy was born as Alelia Stewart in Grifton, North Carolina, USA. UU., On July 6, 1905 one of the 12 children of John and Hattie Stewart. He attended college in Grifton before moving to New York in 1926 and marrying Furd Murphy on October 7 of the same year. According to reports, his favorite hobby was dancing. As of 2018, Murphy had two live children, Rose and Frederick.

Early Life & Education

Murphy was born on July 6, 1905 in North Carolina. She is one of twelve children born to John and Hattie Stewart. Murphy attended college in Grifton and later moved to New York in 1926. 

Personal Life

She has raised two children by herself after her husband passed away. In March 2019, she was honored Congressman Adriano Espaillat‘s Women’s History Month celebration. 
Murphy credits her longevity to an active lifestyle.