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ESPN suspended its top NBA reporter, Adrian Wojnarowski, after he sent a profane email to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), multiple people familiar with the situation said Sunday.

Wojnarowski was scheduled to go to Florida soon to restart the NBA season, but he will not make the trip as originally planned. Currently, ESPN is expected to be part of the restart of the game at the ESPN Wide World Sports Complex outside of Orlando – but at a later date. According to the same people, his sentence is between one and two weeks.

The suspension came after Hawley’s response to a news broadcast from the reporter’s senator bureau, following the tweet of an e-mail from Wojnarowski on Friday.

Why Adrian Wojnarowski Was suspended from ESPN?

Hawley’s release issued a letter to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. Hawley criticized the league this summer as it decided to allow messages that promote social justice, but did not allow messages that support law enforcement or criticize the Chinese Communist Party.

In the email sent to Hawley’s press office, Wojnarowski wrote “F — You” without censoring the complement.
Hawley shared a picture of the email on Twitter with the following message: “Do not criticize # China or support @ espn for enforcement. It really drives them crazy. ”

Adrian Wojnarowski Tweeted and apologised

Wojnarowski tweeted an apology on Friday: “I am disrespectful and made a sad mistake. I am sorry for the way I dealt with myself, and I immediately reach out to Senator Hawley to apologize directly. ”
“This is completely unacceptable, and we don’t accept it,” ESPN said on Friday. Everyone who works for ESPN is Adrian’s You. It is inevitable that he will react to Hawley as he did. ”

According to a person familiar with the stock market, Wojnarowski tried to contact Hawley’s office to apologize on Friday, but was unable to receive news. Hawley spokesman said the senator was not apologetic. Hawley said on Sunday that ESPN should not suspend Wojnarowski, but should report more about China’s relationship with the NBA.

ESPN declined to comment on Sunday. Outkick first reported the suspension.

As part of the restart of the NBA season after more than four months between the new coronavirus pandemic, the league and players union agreed on messages that players can show behind their jerseys to support the Black Lives Matter movement. and protests of police brutality and racial injustice across the country. In his letter to Silver, Hawley suggested that players show messages supporting the police and the army.

What Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey Tweed about Adrian Wojnarowski

Hawley’s letter criticized the handling of Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey, who tweeted the league’s support for social justice causes and support for pro-democracy protesters before an exhibition tour in China in Hong Kong last fall. NBA has lucrative television and business relationships with China; After the reaction from the Chinese government, Morey deleted the tweet and said “regret” the league comments.

Wojnarowski, who is among the top profile correspondents of ESPN and known for routine reporting to the top 4 million Twitter followers, also played a role in this discussion. After loving Morey’s tweet, he was bombed with threats on Twitter for his perceived lightness against China and supporting Hong Kong.

Some important names in the NBA came to Wojnarowski’s defense this weekend. On Saturday we asked about Hawley, Los Angeles Coaches Coach Doc Rivers said, according to the Los Angeles Times: “We will do a challenge: As long as [Hawley] accepts the Black Lives Matter, we will do something for the troops. I think this would be really great for him. ”

Rivers added: “You know, funny. Whenever we talk about justice, people try to change the message. Colin Kaepernick is kneeling. … had to do with social injustice and everyone tried to change the narrative. Instead of trying to cheat us, change or trick your components, what do we say we are talking about and dealing with it? How about being real? ”
“#FreeWOJ !!” to Twitter on Sunday to support Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James Wojnarowski Wrote