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Adelina Tafoya

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Adelina Tafoya, 16, had an infectious energy that emphasized her life. Las Vegas, N.M., died of injuries in a shooting that took place at Storrie Lake State Park on Monday, causing two other people to be injured.
According to the New Mexico State Police, a teenage girl was killed and two teenagers were injured in the fire that occurred late Monday at the entrance to Storrie Lake State Park.

Adelina Tafoya Age

The dead girl was determined to be 16-year-old Adelina Tafoya.

New Mexico State Police about Adelina Tafoya and other victim

According to the New Mexico State Police, Adelina Tafoya from Las Vegas died of gunshot wounds she suffered. A 16-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy were also injured in the incident.
NMSP said officers responded to a fire report at 23:44. Monday, near the entrance to Storrie Lake State Park, N.M. At 518, the mile marker is close to 4.
Each of the three victims was transferred to the Alta Vista District Hospital in Las Vegas, where Tafoya died from her wounds. The other two victims were being treated for their wounds, but their condition was not reported.

Adelina Tafoya Teachers recalling memories

Ortiz gave physical education classes at Adelina Tafoya’s Memorial Middle School and Las Vegas Robertson High School, said she learned the girl’s death on Tuesday.

“I was like,‘ What are you talking about? What do you know? Said Ortiz. Then my [Snapchat] texts started coming and my heart fell on my stomach.

Rougemont, a science teacher at Adelina Tafoya’s Memorial, therefore remembered a tough, thoughtful girl who sometimes got into trouble. Still, he said that behind this coating was a very loyal, thoughtful, caring person to his friends.

“It must have been tough, but it was also very good in it,” said Rougemont.
“He was very kind when you knew him,” he added.

Derek Tafoya said that while he and his sister come from a poor family, their parents – Richard and Estrella Tafoya – try to do their best to give their children the opportunity to participate in sports and other activities.
Adelina Tafoya was growing and had played basketball in secondary school.

Ortiz tried to convince him to play sports, he saw him as a basketball player or athlete, but Adelina Tafoya always refused.

Ortiz found a picture of the girl who won a tournament in the classroom with the PE basketball team.
“He loves photography more now,” he said. “This is the picture I always want to look at.”

When Adelina Tafoya entered Robertson as a freshman for the 2019-20 academic year, she saw her brother flower and said she had more friends than her.

He also just started his first job at McDonald’s in June and was proud of him.
He remembers his bright smile while making his first paycheck.

“He worked eight to 10 hours a day,” said Derek Tafoya. “He earned $ 900 at his first check and was excited. He loved the way he made money. ”

Adelina Tafoya GoFundMe Page

A GoFundMe account was created to help Tafoyas’ daughters pay their funeral expenses and raised more than $ 6,000 on Wednesday.

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